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My Journey towards best kept secrets!

Cloud Platforms

World is moving towards cloud technology. Lets see how cloud technology is evolving and what we can learn from it.

Glory Of India

India was once a Golden bird but now it is not. So, What happened and how it happened and whats happening.


We live in multiple worlds. Lets find out what they are what we know about it and how can we use them for our betterment.


Finance is one of the most important aspects of life but it is least studied subject. Lets see what we need to know about finance and how can utilize that knowledge.


I often write about my journey in the technology world. I love writing about PHP, Python and other technological aspects.

Business Growth

Occasionally i write about business and business growth , lets see what and how i have learnt about business growth.

Innovation In Technology

Technology has advanced a lot. Gone are the days when we just had few options to achieve any objective.

Docker, GIT, Jenkins has changed the way we look at CI/CD. Python, Scala, Pyspark has changed the way we look at Machine Learning and AI .  API’s have changed the way applications communication with each other and there is more to the list.

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History of the glorious India

Most people have been brainwashed with false and misleading information on the Religion, Culture and History of India. Most Hindus living in the west have very little or no knowledge about their own Religion, Culture and History.

India is a treasure of knowledge, wisdom, and heritage from ancient India. From kings to kingdoms, town planning to artistry, scholars to astronomers, philosophers to astrologers, Gurus to shishyas, warriors to strong women characters, the list of India’s rich past goes on and on.

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