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My Biography

Born on 1st June, 1983, I was taught and brought up in a middle class family. I was quite ambitious since my childhood and had a very bad habit of knowing how things worked, especially electronics gazettes. Of course, that habit made me an expert in breaking things and also gifted me with frequent scoldings from others. 🙂

My father had a transferable job, we moved from one city to another city. Though i hated it, there is always pro and con for everything. Moving fom one city to another motivated me to analyze how people in one city were different from people in another city and thus this equipped me with a talent of dealing with various kinds of people.

Sadly, i was born in middle class family which did not entitle me to taste rich people’s lifestyle. Luckily, middle class background taught me all the values of life. I started realizing the values of culture, values of money, values of words, values of friends which i think i could not have known so nicely if i was born rich .

On the other hand, My parents also ensured that i get best education – doesn’t matter whether that was in their budget or not. So overall i got everything i needed but nothing i desired

My College Life

I was very good in studying and was very ambitious but i never crossed 65% marks in my engineering days. But, there is a reason for that. I generally used to study a lot but by the time i reached 11th, i started becoming impatient. I was fed up with the Indian education system which was totally theoretical. I wanted to innovate, without waiting for my education to complete and without working for anybody else.

But there was a problem. i never knew how to start? I had too many questions about how to start on your own? How company functions etc. I wanted to know how money is made, circulated and distributed on the web. Wanted to know why few people succeeded every time, others not a single time. What was the deciding factor? So many questions but no answers.

More worse was that it was even harder to get answers to my questions because nobody in my surroundings had answers to my questions. Without worrying about anything, i started finding answers on my own, which again gave me huge opportunity to explore.

At Present

It’s just a few years since i started my entrepreneurship journey. I lost too much money during this journey. Luckily enough, i always made more money than i lost. I have majorly invested in .com companies, software’s and real estates.

At Present, i am spending most of my time on Outshine Solutions Pvt Ltd – SEO Company as the project manager of the company and working on to create & develop innovative software products.

I often love to provide free consultancies to small & mid-sized companies. I can always be contacted through this form .

What to expect from this blog

This blog reflects my personal views and so it should not be associated with anything else. I have made this blog to write about technology, SEO, Entrepreneurship, Motivation and personal views.

I believe its not always possible for anyone to start from scratch and do every mistakes themselves. And that is why, My first goal from this blog is to share what I have learned so far so that you can learn from my mistakes and have a better life than me.

However, You should never think that the article present on this website supersedes other articles on any other websites. If you want me to write on any interesting topic or you want to submit any article, you are most welcome to contact me at this page.

My mistakes

To err is a human! Since i started on my own, i did lot of mistakes. Generally, entrepreneurs lose money but I made certain mistakes that virtually ruined my finances, respect and even my motivation. Luckily, i was fast enough to learn from it and start over. As an entrepreneur, few mistakes which i think i could have not done is.

Getting too personal: I am the kind of person who becomes happy when their colleagues become happy. But over time what you’ll realize is that the closer you get with your employees, the more likely they’ll push their problems onto you. I love helping people out with their problems, but if they can’t learn to solve them by themselves, how will they ever grow as individuals?

Never said No: I have a tendency of saying yes to everything.The moment you say yes, others show gratitude.But often times that quickly fades, and sooner or later you will realize that it hurts you in one way or another.

Don’t stop Networking: I used to have a very big network. The problem is, over the years i got myself involved in every work which just stopped myself from enriching my networks, Which definitely harms in longer run.

Rules of Success

Although i made mistakes, i quickly learned from it and corrected the mistakes. However personally i think, i always followed few rules that improved my lifestyle and often propelled me to succeed.

Never Blame Anyone: Never blame anybody for anything that has happened to you. Life is yours and you are totally responsible for whatever is happening to you. People often blame others if anything goes wrong, but it should always be avoided.

If you can’t, you Must : Simple rule..If you think you cannot do this, than you must do that. Every time you think you cannot do anything, just think my line and start with confidence again.

Never Give Up until you die : Let me tell you a secret. Most of the innovative things don’t work for the first time. Don’t let that demotivate you to give up. Try try and try again after refining your process, and you are sure to hit the target.

Life is too short to think about things you don’t have. Be positive, change your mindset, change your focus and start over to achieve success in your life. And feel free to contact me, if you have any questions. You can also connect with me on below social networking sites.