September 16, 2011

Power Behind Big Web Companies

Internet is a great medium which has enabled whole world to come closer. Virtually everything is possible on internet from information to pleasure. Internet can give you the success you never thought of or never imagined. Many people think that success on internet is very easy and very cheap. If you are one of them, i advise you to come out of the dreams. If success was so easy on internet, everybody on internet would have been a millionaire. There is no shortcut to success, but yes, i can guarantee you that success on internet is quite satisfying. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, […]
September 16, 2011

Does Article Marketing Help?

When it comes to SEO, people and seo companies instantly rush to do article marketing for the website. Article marketing is one of the main element of off page seo and people just go about writing articles and start submitting it blindly. Nobody is really concerned whether they are doing it correct or not? Actually article Marketing is a way to market your products and services through the user of articles. Articles are a good way to promote your products because you can explain everything about the products in the article.  People read your article, people know about all the features […]
September 16, 2011

Remove WordPress Generator Meta Tag

Generally, every WordPress blog adds a line in the head section of the Html source code which states that the page has been generated by WordPress x.x.x. The information about wordpress and its current version number is very easily visible in the head section of any wordpress blog. This does not cause any harm however, it provides some useful information for the nasty people. I personally feel that the information should not be visible in the head section. The information in head section looks something like this. Removing that line from the head part of blog is quite easy. simply add […]
September 16, 2011

Is SEO a necessary evil?

More and more people are moving to web. Web has become one of the biggest marketplace. Importance of web can no longer be under estimated. So,what happens when a market out grows?? You or your product will no longer be known to potential customers. The similar thing has happened in the offline world also. Suppose we have exceptional product or service, but nobody cares because they do not have the information about your product. This problem gave rise to a necessary evil we all know is now called advertising. without advertising a product is virtually dead. Same is the case in […]
September 16, 2011

Does indian education offer any quality?

I am formally educated in India. So, i decided why not write about the poor quality of education in India. Let me tell you, Indian education is over hyped. I accept India is a great country but Indian education on the other hand is not great at all. I am a B.Tech computer engineer and i got all my education in India. Education in India is 99% focused on theoretical aspects. That’s why more and more people in India are unemployed and even if they get employed they are given former training to equip them with the latest industry trends. If […]
September 16, 2011

11 Important WordPress plugins for a professional blog

This is the first post of a 3 series post i promised you. This post will help you to get started with publishing your own blog within few seconds. So, it looks that you are interested in setting up your blog. This post is the written description of the steps which i followed while setting up my blog here at We will not talk here about the domain and the hosting etc in this post. So, here we go. This post will help you find the best wordpress plugins for your blogs which are very important. Without these plugins your […]
September 16, 2011

Tell me the best plugins for my wordpress blog

I updated my blog to latest wordpress version. After updating, when i checked my site i discovered that few plugins are not working the way it should . Since i had only few posts in my blog previously, So i decided to install the latest wordpress from scratch. I deleted the old installation and installed the blog again again from scratch. Now again i faced with the problem of choosing the right plugins for my blog. There are literally thousands of plugins but it is always tough to  choose the best plugins for our  blog. We can not use all the […]
September 16, 2011

12 most important tips which every designer should know

On internet everybody is in hurry, you, as a web designer, should communicate why the visitor should spend time on your designed website. And this message should be communicated very FAST. Often, designers totally concentrate on the good outer look of the site and forget this goal. These are few things which every professional designers should keep in mind while designing the site. These tips not only improves search engine rankings but they also increases user interaction with the site thus higher conversions are achieved. Page Titles: Often designers use WYSISYG editor, editors generally put a default title in the pages […]
September 15, 2011

Life cycle of a domain name

Domain is the most important asset of internet. Everyday hundreds of thousands of domain names are registered and thousands are expired. And all the domain has to follow a predefined domain life cycle. Every domain goes through the various phases. Did you ever wonder about the life cycle of a domain name. Are you interested in knowing. Here it is, I am writing the phases of a domain in sequential order:- Available This is the first phase of the domain name life cycle. A domain name is available to the public for registration for a period not to exceed a maximum […]