Best wordpress plugins to get you started

This is the first post of a 3 series post i promised you. This post will help you to get started with publishing your own blog within few seconds. So, it looks that you are interested in setting up your blog. This post is the written description of the steps which i followed while setting up my blog here at We will not talk here about the domain and the hosting etc in this post. So, here we go. This post will help you find the best wordpress plugins for your blogs which are very important. Without these plugins your blogs is certainly missing something.

Once you have installed the blog and selected the best theme for your blog, its time to improve the functionality of the blog by adding plugins to it. I list here some very important plugins which are highly recommended for the blog.

Akismet: Akismet is a plugin which checks your comments for spam and thus helps you reduce spam to your blog.It is higly recommended plugin.This plugin comes default with wordpress.

Search everything : This plugin enhances default searching capability of wordpress blog. With the help of this plugin your users can search Pages, Comments and more.

Popularity Contest : Popularity Contest is a nice plugin that keeps track of activity on your blog and calculates a popularity percentage for each post and page. It is beneficial if you want to show most popular posts to your visitors.

Related Posts : This is the best plugin to use. It increases readership of your blog by returning a list of the related entries based on active or passive keyword matches. This makes sure that visitors spend much more time on your website.

Show Top Commentators : This plugin is a good deal if you are looking to increase comments to your blog. Show Top Commentators encourages comments to posts by rewarding readers for making a comment. Well,what’s the reward? The top commentators are displayed in the sidebar with a link back to their website.

Subscribe to Comments : This plugin is higly recommended. This is a nice plugin that helps grow your blog community by letting your readers stay up to date in the post that they already are interested in. This plugin notifies user about the followup comments.

Sociable : This is a nice plugin for wordpress. With this pluhgin your visitors can save the posts to social bookmarking sites thus attracting nice traffic from them.

All in One SEO Pack : This is the best plugin i have seen for SEO of wordpress Blog. If you want to optimize your blog for search engines this is a must have plugin for your blog.

Google Analyticator : This plugins helps you add google analytics feature to your blog. You just have to enter analytics UID and this plugin does the rest.

Google Sitemap for wordpress : Everbody is crazy about xml sitemaps. But creating xml sitemaps manually is a time consuming and boring task.So,why worry about creating it manually just install this excellent plugin and generate sitemaps for your wordpress blog instantly. It also automatically pings the search engine about the  new pages or posts on your site.

This plugins are the must have’s plugin for your blog. Install it and enjoy the journey of blogging.

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