Content Writing Contest

Content Writing Contest

We are excited to inform you about our Content Writing Contest which enables you to showcase your content writing and content publishing talent and win exciting cash prices along with the opportunity of getting lots of future paid work.

Everybody needs a content writer these days & there are huge lots of content writers available in the marketplace but how would you separate your self from the crowd. Winning this contest will allow you to get yourself recognized and earn the distinction which you deserve.


The main purpose of this contest is to find and reward good content writers. This contest is also a good way for content writers and guest posters to establish themselves as the best and build trust in the market place.


Apart from cash prices, there are other advantages of entering this contest. This contest allows you to :-

  • show your content writing abilities and skills,
  • establish yourself as a trusted and reputed content writer in the marketplace,
  • showcase your winners certificate everywhere online,
  • earn the opportunity of getting huge paid work in future,
  • increase your market value for your writing skills and more.

How it works?

Each contestant who enters the contest has to write an article on a topic provided and post it on any website. The url of the posted article along with other details has to be submitted as per below submission guidelines.


The following  rules should be considered when writing an article for the contest

  • The article should not be less than 300 words,
  • The article should be unique and not copied
  • The article should be linked to the product or feature of product for which its being written
  • The article should not be published on any spammy site
  • The article should not sound promotional


The contest is open from 1st June to 20th June 2018


Result will be declared on 30th of June 2018


The following factors will be considered when deciding a winner :-

  • Quality of Article,
  • Quality of site on which its published,
  • No of facebook shares the article has received,
  • Editor vote.

Registration: Enter the details below to register for this contest.

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