Remove WordPress Generator Meta Tag

Remove WordPress Generator Meta Tag

by Ashish Jha September 16, 2011

Generally every wordpress  blog adds a line in the head section of  the Html source code which states that the page has been generated  by wordpress x.x.x. The information about wordpress and its current version number is very easily visible in the head section of any wordpress blog.  This does not cause any harm however, it   provides some useful information for the nasty people. I personally feel that the information should bot be visible in the head section.

The information in head section looks something like this

Removing that line from the head part of  blog is quite easy. simply add

remove_action(‘wp_head’, ‘wp_generator’);

into your themes function.php file and it will be gone forever. If the generator line is still there, you can also check head section present in header.php file for the generator meta tage and remove it from there. Save the file and referesh you blog and hurrray its gone for ever.

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  • Agreed, a very useful and very easy thing to set up. I’d also recommend not calling your admin user “admin”, since that is too obvious, and changing table prefix when installing WordPress.

  • Your post is very nice and its true. I am working as seo analyst and i will mainly concentrate on the meta tag. Because through meta tag we can make keyword optimise easily and also we can make our site to get good ranking also.