Tell me the best plugins for my wordpress blog

Tell me the best plugins for my wordpress blog

by Ashish Jha September 16, 2011

I updated my blog to latest wordpress version. After updating, when i checked my site i discovered that few plugins are not working the way it should . Since i had only few posts in my blog previously, So i decided to install the latest wordpress from scratch. I deleted the old installation and installed the blog again again from scratch. Now again i faced with the problem of choosing the right plugins for my blog. There are literally thousands of plugins but it is always tough to  choose the best plugins for our  blog. We can not use all the plugins out there because every plugin you install reduces the loading time of your blog. So this time i decided to research. Research but what ?? Ofcourse the best plugins for wordpress blog. No need to say, for me, research means google. I googled “top wordpress plugins” because i needed nothing but the very best wordpress plugins for my blog.

To my surprise i found out that many blogs have made a post about best wordpress plugins or top wordpress plugins. But none of them focus on the best wordpress plugins  that is required to get you started. So I decided to make a post right now. This post will be in three parts.

  • The first part which will deal about the best wordpress plugins needed to get you started.You can read it here.
  • Second post will deal about the SEO required in wordpress to attract search engines attention, and
  •  final post will deal with how to monetise your blog with adsense.
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  • When I don’t know which plugin to use, I like to to go the official plugin repository, and sort them by ratings or popularity. Or, I ask nicely in Twitter if someone had prior experience 🙂