Life cycle of a domain name

Life cycle of a domain name

Domain is the most important asset of internet. Everyday hundreds of thousands of domain names are registered and thousands are expired. And all the domain has to follow a predefined domain life cycle. Every domain goes through the various phases. Did you ever wonder about the life cycle of a domain name. Are you interested in knowing. Here it is, I am writing the phases of a domain in sequential order:-

This is the first phase of the domain name life cycle. A domain name is available to the public for registration for a period not to exceed a maximum term of 10 years. A user can only register a domain name for a period of 10 years. However after 10 years he can again extend the registration for another 10 years, of course if he is interested. Cost of domain registration varies from registrar to registrar.

Once the domain name is registered it comes in active state and can be renewed for a period not to exceed a maximum of 10 years.

If the domain is not renewed on or before its expiry date, the domain name is expired. All services related to domain name ceases. Expired state generally ranges from 0-45 days. However if the domain is not renewed by the owner during this phase, the domain goes into redemption period phase.

Redemption Period
Redemption period generally lasts for 30 days during which the domain can still be renewed by the original owner for redemption fee+normal registration fees. Redemption fee varies from registrar to registrar is generally quite high.

Pending Delete
If the domain is still not renewed by the owner in redemption period then domain name goes into pending delete phase.This lasts for 5 days. After 5 days the domain will be deleted and available to public for registration.

Deleted And Active
The domain name is deleted and available to anyone for registration at normal registration fees.

However, it becomes quite difficult to get the domain registered after its expired because many companies are always working hard to get the expired domains registered s that they can make money out of the domain name.

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