Do You Have Hope In Your Life?

Do You Have Hope In Your Life?

by Ashish Jha January 22, 2014
Thank your life

Two things that changes your life forever is Confidence and Happiness. 

Its important to be confident and happy in order to achieve dreams of  your life. Do you agree? Unfortunately most of the people i see, do not feel motivated. Most think that they have got it bad, luck is not on their side, they have lots of problems, they are struggling more than anyone else .

Do you really think you have got it bad?

There are more than 1 billion people who remain hungry every year, one million people people commit suicide every year, more than 100 thousand people are slaves on this planet . People are filled with negative emotions. People feel sad, depressed, jealous, angry, fatigued and so on. Why? Because people are born with pain and difficulties. World is a hurting place. What the world is looking for at present .. is hope, love and happiness.

Its scary to know how many people have mental disorders, physical disorders but its a lie to think that your are not worth anything. If you think you have got it bad, watch the video below to know how a person changed his circumstances .

Your circumstances are the outcome of your choices. You always have choices in life. Every moment you make choices. The power of choice is the first thing that you have to overcome for yourself, especially in early days of your life. Ye have choices either to be angry at what you don’t have or thankful for what you do have.

You have to make right choices at every point of time to end your pains and hardships. Keep fighting without quitting. This is the year in which you have to accomplish all that you have never accomplished till now. Either you think I cannot do this or  i can do this. In both case you would be right and that thinking will decide your future circumstances. Understand the value of life. Dig deep down and ask yourselves, who do you want to be and work with positive attitude. Be thankful to life and have faith and hope. With hope and faith, even the worst thing in life ca be turned to good and even more special with hope and faith.

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  • Absolutely right . confidence and happiness is most important fact in life 🙂