Experience with Apple’s Iphone 4 India Customer Support

Experience with Apple’s Iphone 4 India Customer Support

I am sharing my 1 year experience with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 Indian customer support in this post and this is my personal experience. I have been using iPhone for last one year and the phone seemed to work great. The iPhone build is excellent and functions are pretty easy to operate. However, i often faced problems with network signals and call drops but its still very hard to tell whether that was iPhone problem or Network problem. But trusting the  Apple brand, i think cellphone operators responsible  for signals problems.

Apart from this, i often faced problem with home button not working at random times which i often ignored. After all, i loved iphone and trusted Apple so much that how can i think that there is problem in iphone. I used to ignore home button problem on continuous basis because of my busy official schedule and 11 months passed. 12th month started i.e. last month of  iphone warranty, iPhone home button totally stopped working. What is iphone without a home button. So, I now decided to take it the authorized service center in Noida and now my interaction began with the Apple India customer support. I will explain as a list to make it easily readable.

  • Bought iPhone 4 – July 31, 2011
  • Random Signal Problems – Just after phone activation- still don’t know who is responsible iPhone or network
  • Home button slow to respond or not working sometimes – After 6 months- I ignored
  • Home button Completely stopped working – June 2012- took to the service center- service center did not hear the problem because i was 3 minutes late- talked to sales staff in the apple store and pushing  home button a little harder resolved the issue for the time being. I returned satisfied.
  •  Home Button  Again completely stopped– August 5, 2012 – had  to push the home button very hardly to make it work every time. – Called service center for appointment- They did not answer the call  despite many attempts- I also forgot because of my busy schedule and i knew my warranty has expired so i will have to pay to get the button corrected and so i did not hurry that much.
  • Called service center again and they picked the call – August 8th, 2012 – I asked for appointment and for charges to repair the Home button- They replied charges would be around Rs. 14500 and i was shocked. so much amount just for home button repair isn’t justified and its just 1 year. They gave me apple customer support number  and asked to contact them if they can help you in this regard.
  • Called apple support– 8th August 2012. they asked me to call from another number as they wasted to diagnose something in iPhone
  • Called apple support from landline – Apple number not supported on airtel landline-
  • Called Apple support again – August 9, 2012 – connected to Andrew and than escalated to Arup Chakraborty – He was very helping  and he listened very carefully and guided me a way to check whether this was software or hardware problem. When software problem was not found he made an exception case for me and AppleCare Case ID: 338122738 was  generated. He asked me to bring the iPhone to authorized service center and if there is no physical damage, it will be replaced. I was too happy at this point.
  •  I decided to leave for service center immediately, strange enough my home button started working  nicely. I stopped and did not go to service center.
  • Home button again stopped working next day – 10th August 2012- I talked to service center and they said that it was not possible to submit the iphone that day because of Janmastmi (Indian festival)
  • Finally Submitted the iphone to service center – 11th August 2012- They submitted the iphone but said that there is liquid damage. I was shocked again as i never knew of any situation which could have caused it. But i cannot do anything, if they are saying it.
  • Talked to Arup again from apple support, he asked me to submit the phone for proper inspection and wait for the next update.
  • Its 72 hours and No update about my case.
  • Still Waiting for update, and i will update it once i receive the update

Lessons Learnt from Apple Support:

  • Never Ignore anything that happens with your iphone
  • Try to get everything corrected during the warranty period.
  • Buy apple protection program just after buying your products else your repairs will costly you dearly,
  • Contact a nice customer support executive like Mr. Arup and explain everything in detail.

Important Details Related to apple incase you need support.

iPhone is quite good device but you have to be very careful while using it. Till now i have found Apple support guys to be very friendly and supportive when talking to them. My problem still seems to be unresolved, and i am still waiting for the update.