How deals website changed retail shopping experiences

How deals website changed retail shopping experiences

by Ashish Jha March 07, 2013

Shopping has always  been one of  most important activity in one’s life. And when we talk about shopping, discounts are the buzz word.  Whether we shop online or offline, negotiations and  discounts are one of the most important factor which influences the buying behavior of netizens and citizens.

If we imagine about late 20’s, Buying experience were quite boring and monopoly was enjoyed by few known brands. Things have changed now.  Online Shopping experiences has improved significantly with lots of competitors like flipkart, jabong, homeshop18 etc. popping up in the market place. Apart from this, we have seen an incredible trend of user buying behavior which is now switching from shopping websites to deals websites. Deals websites like groupon has changed the entire game of how people look at online shopping.

Seeing the massive growth of groupon and hundreds of others deals website, i thought of investigating whats the deal with deals website. Whether people really like to buy from deals website or its just a crazy marketing tactics. What i came to know is rather shocking. Deals websites are mushrooming everywhere in every country. Infact, each country has atleast one deals website.

Why Deals website became so popular:

Lets demonstrate this with an example. Suppose a person wants to buy a camera. He generally will search google  for camera  sites. This list generally brings up the list of camera websites. Suppose we plan to buy nikon s2600, its costs something like Rs. 18,000.oo. Why would a consumer buy from website when he cannot negotiate, as it has been proven that negotiation gives a psychological satisfaction to consumers. Now, a user after researching everything would either buy it offline or search for discounts. Deals website comes to rescue just at this point. Checking same  camera on a general deals website offers you a flat discount of around Rs. 2000. So, why would a customer buy from official website or offline store when deals website already provides him huge discounts online. This simple solution has made deals website kings of the game.

Weekly trend of buyers at deals website:


Lab62 has come up with a very good info-graphic static the  importance and behaviors of deals website.


With the following details its quite clear that importance of deals website cannot be ignored. With online ecommerce spend set to increase multiple folds, its inevitable that deals website revenue will grow with the time. So, if you are passionate for buying, checkout top deals website in your area and if your are passionate for selling, get a deals website developed for your business right now!

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