Power Behind Big Web Companies

Power Behind Big Web Companies

by Ashish Jha September 16, 2011

Internet is a great medium which has enabled whole world to come closer. Virtually everything is possible on internet from information to pleasure. Internet can give you the success you never thought of or never imagined. Many people think that success on internet is very easy and very cheap.

If you are one of them, i advise you to come out of the dreams. If success was so easy on internet, everybody on internet would have been a millionaire. There is no shortcut to success, but yes, i can guarantee you that success on internet is quite satisfying.

Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, MSN are all successful web companies. Most people think that there is not much cost involved in running a web company. You also might have heard it

“Register a domain name, buy a Hosting server,  Bring Traffic and become a millionaire”.

:) While its quite true but certainly not as easy as it sounds.  Have you ever wondered how many servers big web companies like  Google, yahoo, godaddy,  facebook etc.  own and how much is the cost involved in maintaining theses servers.  I was just wondering to know about the infrastructure of these companies. What i found was quite surprising.

Google owns around 450,000 servers , Yahoo owns at least 250,000 servers,  Facebook owns around 50,000 servers. While these numbers are quite stunning,  i want to make it clear that these information’s are very old.  Actual numbers of servers may be much more than this. If we just check the dedicated servers India page, and calculate the minimum monthly cost for Google servers it would be around $ 45 million per month with very basic servers.

What i want to say that with huge traffic, huge costs are also involved. So don’t think that you can be successful just with huge traffic.  A proper revenue model and good business plan is required to become successful. So, anything you start you should have a rock solid business plan behind that to become successful on internet.

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