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  • Does Article Marketing Help?

    When it comes to SEO, people and seo companies instantly rush to do article marketing for the website. Article marketing is one of the main element of off page seo and people just go about writing articles and start submitting it blindly. Nobody is really concerned whether they are doing it correct or not? Actually article Marketing is a way to market your products and services through the user of articles. Articles are a good way to promote your products because you can explain everything about the products in the article.  People read your article, people know about all the …

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  • Is SEO a necessary evil

  • 12 most important tips which every designer should know

  • Google celebrates International Women’s Day

    The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. Google is celebrating the International Women’s day with an interactive doodle on its home page that will be displayed starting March 7 till March 9. If you visit homepage, you will be greeted with a nice doodle. Women have historically been underrepresented in almost all fields: science, school curricula, business, politics—and, sadly, doodles. …

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  • Remove WordPress Generator Meta Tag

  • Best wordpress plugins to get you started

  • Tell me the best plugins for my wordpress blog

  • 3 Sales Tips Every Sales Person Must Learn

    3 sales professionals applied to work for a huge company. As they were all evenly qualified, the interviewer decided to set a sales challenge and the person who sold the most would be awarded the job. The challenge was to sell combs to monks of any temple up in the mountains. “You have 3 days, and the person who sells the most will get the job” said the interviewer. After 3 days, the 3 applicants returned, and reported their results. Candidate 1 said “I managed to sell one comb. The monks scolded me, saying I was openly mocking them. Disappointed, …

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  • How to grow your business to Next Level

  • How to Distribute Partnership in a New Business?

  • Value of education

    Importance of Education

    Whats is the importance of  Education for your life and for society? Education is not  about collecting degrees. Education creates a better civilization. Education is what separates  humans from animals. Education makes us confident, make us independent. Education spreads awareness in society about how we can be a good social being and removes blanket of ignorance and helps people in knowing them their fundamental rights . Education helps in imparting moral values which is missing in our youth and needs to be addressed carefully for creating a good society. Nelson Mandela knew the importance of education and thus in his …

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  • Thank your life

    Do You Have Hope In Your Life?

  • Does indian education offer any quality?

  • Life cycle of a domain name

    Domain is the most important thing on internet. Everyday thousands of domain names are registered and thousands are expired. The other interesting fact is that domain has its own life cycle. Every domain goes through the various phases. Did you ever wonder about the life cycle of a domain name. Are you interested in knowing. Here it is, I am writing the phases of a domain in sequential order:- Available This is the first phase of the domain name life cycle. A domain name is available to the public for registration for a period not to exceed a maximum term …

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