Does Article Marketing Help?

Does Article Marketing Help?

by Ashish Jha September 16, 2011

When it comes to SEO, people and seo companies instantly rush to do article marketing for the website. Article marketing is one of the main element of off page seo and people just go about writing articles and start submitting it blindly. Nobody is really concerned whether they are doing it correct or not?

Actually article Marketing is a way to market your products and services through the user of articles. Articles are a good way to promote your products because you can explain everything about the products in the article.  People read your article, people know about all the features of the product and if article is written nicely they are more than willing to buy your products and services. While it seems quite easy to market products and services  through articles but its quite tough. The same article marketing when done by top bloggers provides immense results but when done  by other seo does not yeild even adequate results. Reason being that people never think about the right and correct way to do article marketing.

The biggest problem i find with people is that they don’t go out of box and find a better  way to perform anything which the rest of world is doing.  If SEO’s know that people do article marketing to build links and promotion, they just write articles and submit it randomly anywhere just for the shake of inbound links. That helps but, is that worthful?

There are few points which must be kept in mind while performing article marketing :_

Aim of Article Marketing: First of all, aim of article marketing should be decided. Whether you want to publish it just to get some links or you want to publish articles to build brand or you want to get some visitors.

Articles for links:  If you are planning to write article for links, ensure that you submit to website which has a nice neighborhood links and has a nice PR and they provide do follow links in your articles. Search for some reputed  site who provide link with anchor texts because that is better if you are just looking for links.

Articles for Traffic: If you are planning to drive some traffic to website through the articles i would advice you to follow a different approach. Traffic from articles is a techy stuff. Submitting to ezine articles, goarticles etc won’t provide you any significant results. You can try submitting your  articles to website which help you enjoy the benefits of high pagerank as well as targeted traffic. You can even submit articles to social media websites for good amount of traffic inflow.

Best Method: The best method to submit articles is to find some good popular niche blogs and try to do guest posts. Of course that needs your articles to be of best quality but that is really worthwhile. This method gives you both link popularity as well as good amount of traffc inflow. This also makes people aware about your brand in the market. Do try to find some relevant sites  or blogs.

While i do not condone submitting articles to infinite number of articles websites, i like making guests posts instead of blindly submitting articles. I have found that one nice guest posts yields much better result than many blind articles submissions.  And therefore it’s the time that SEO should think about quality rather than thinking about quantity. Quantity helps but Quality really rules. :)

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  • The post is very informative and useful for me.Thanks for sharing the post.

  • Sure it does, but with latest Google changes, it will matter less and less. Content is still the king, and always will be.

  • Akash Agarwal

    Of course article marketing helps. Articles increase the content on the website and also the Keywords Density for the targeted keywords which you want to rank on. Thanks for sharing such nice topic.