Thank your life

Do You Have Hope In Your Life?

by Ashish Jha January 22, 2014 Education, Motivation

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How to Distribute Partnership in a New Business?

by Ashish Jha August 18, 2012 Business

Recently I received a question from one of my friends who wants to start a new venture to decide about

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Experience with Apple’s Iphone 4 India Customer Support

by Ashish Jha August 13, 2012 General

I am sharing my 1 year experience with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 Indian customer support in this post and

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Web is what you make it

by Ashish Jha September 17, 2011 General

Internet and the web has changed the entire world. Initially we were more connected to the nature, we asked our

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Scope of SEO in India

by Ashish Jha September 16, 2011 General

  SEO, SEO, SEO,  and SEO. Everyone is talking about SEO. Who is SEO by the way? SEO is the

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Does indian education offer any quality?

by Ashish Jha September 16, 2011 Education

I am formally educated in India. So, i decided why not write about the poor quality of education in India.

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