Does indian education offer any quality?

Does indian education offer any quality?

I am formally educated in India. So, i decided why not write about the poor quality of education in India. Let me tell you, Indian education is over hyped. I accept India is a great country but Indian education on the other hand is not great at all. I am a B.Tech computer engineer and i got all my education in India. Education in India is 99% focused on theoretical aspects. That’s why more and more people in India are unemployed and even if they get employed they are given former training to equip them with the latest industry trends. If you say me to rate Indian education, I will give it a flat 3 out of 10. So why is Indian education so much worse? why?

Because of the following reasons:

  1. The faculty in Indian colleges are neither trained well nor they have that much knowledge. Remember i am not talking about IITs and like colleges. Gone are the days when teaching was considered a good profession. Now people generally go in the teaching line because they did not get job elsewhere. There are exceptions however.
  2. Now teachers do not want to teach students they just want to do their jobs.
  3. Teacher themselves are not too curious.Today technology is virtually changing every six months.They just have outdated knowledge which does not serve any purpose today.
  4. The syllabus itself is very old and nobody is taking pains to change or modify them.

B.Tech is a great course because it takes 4 years of our life but what do we get in return- Just superficial knowledge on each and every subject which never helps even a bit in our future endeavors.Nobody wants to take a fresh graduates because they know fresh graduates do not have anything to offer to the industry. I blame it full on the indian politicians and education systems.

To be continued…..

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