Does indian education offer any quality?

Does indian education offer any quality?

by Ashish Jha September 16, 2011

I am formally educated in India. So, i decided why not write about the poor quality of education in India. Let me tell you, Indian education is over hyped. I accept India is a great country but Indian education on the other hand is not great at all. I am a B.Tech computer engineer and i got all my education in India. Education in India is 99% focused on theoretical aspects. That’s why more and more people in India are unemployed and even if they get employed they are given former training to equip them with the latest industry trends. If you say me to rate Indian education, I will give it a flat 3 out of 10. So why is Indian education so much worse? why?

Because of the following reasons:

  1. The faculty in Indian colleges are neither trained well nor they have that much knowledge. Remember i am not talking about IITs and like colleges. Gone are the days when teaching was considered a good profession. Now people generally go in the teaching line because they did not get job elsewhere. There are exceptions however.
  2. Now teachers do not want to teach students they just want to do their jobs.
  3. Teacher themselves are not too curious.Today technology is virtually changing every six months.They just have outdated knowledge which does not serve any purpose today.
  4. The syllabus itself is very old and nobody is taking pains to change or modify them.

B.Tech is a great course because it takes 4 years of our life but what do we get in return- Just superficial knowledge on each and every subject which never helps even a bit in our future endeavors.Nobody wants to take a fresh graduates because they know fresh graduates do not have anything to offer to the industry. I blame it full on the indian politicians and education systems.

To be continued…..

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Ashish Jha

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  • Dr.Jayanthy says

    Dr.Jayanthy says:
    2010-01-20 at 12:05 pm
    Well.. good to hear this. Many of the deemed universities do not function to spread education across the region. Its just the buisness. Many students who are not good in academics have joined in these institutions since they can get degree in a easy way.

    The input quality is also not scruitinised by the university . Many would have submitted fake documents in the university to get admission. There is no structured procedure to verify the documents during admission. As long as you get money the universities also admit the students.

    Literally speaking the total intake of students cannot be changed since DCI/MCI is having a control in medical and dental colleges.( even in case if deemed to be university bcuz they need to register to practise in INDIA) Whereas in engineering Colleges ( Deemed universities)no one is there to stipulate the total intake. Even AICTE doent know the total number of students got admitted by the deemed to be university in each year. Even if u ask.. they may give a wrong figure.

    These universities can make money now by spoiling the education system. Atleast now MHRD has awaken to stop this buisness. If not the imopact would be seen after 30 to 40 years that INDIA doent have a quality Engineers and doctors

    • Thanks Dr. Jayanthy for your comment and thoughts.

      I do believe that the standard of Indian education should be enhanced else India will be in miserable condition. I am still not sure that MHRD will do anything for this.

      Moreover, I am still confused what MHRD is?


      u said the truth… we wanna do something.. the future generations are now in critical situation…..


        MHRD is ministry of human resource development

  • to this Dr.

    You know nothing about the education. You are truly the product of this system, which is very socialist, and blames the business sector.

    The truth is your India lacks the competitive market. That is the reason of all these bullshit.

    India is really poor, why… they are lazy.

    All teachers are lazy, that`s why they don`t change their syllabuses.

    The solution is to go to USA, or UK. Only there, those Indians can succeed. But, in real India, the situation is horrible. Shame on you people.

    Also, don`t say that Indians are good at NASA, Microsoft. blah blah

    They are not Indians, they are Americans who do not know about India, do not want to hear about it, because they really shame on India, and forgets about India forever.

    • Chander mohan

      True i also in that condition…….very sad…..;(

    • peterparker

      I agree with you.

      Problem is this – Indians behave like ostrich, they think that by hiding in the cover all the problems will get resolved, in reality, not facing the problem itself gives rise to so many problem.

      No one in India wants to listen to the truth.

      Working in body shopping firms and paying the bills was not the motive to study Engineering. Even though, many people will say that I always wanted to work in the application side of the software helping clients, deep down they despise this fact that they work as clerks, they are nothing more than vocational technicians who keep on working on the same kind of problem again and again, the only thing is that they are paid better. And how’s that pay structure high? Because of the dollars converted in INR, which makes it look inflated. Otherwise, the so called software engineers working in software factories of India are no different than the electrician who owns a shop in the suburb of the city of the bengaluru.

      It is high time that people realize the truth. And I will not believe that Indian Engineers are so competent that they cannot be trained. It is the industry-academia’s responsibility to train Engineers, that is also missing here. And to my surprise, no one is willing to call spade a spade.

    • ancy thomas

      Whoever u r Mr. remember one thing…. after falling many times a child learns to walk, now v r trying to walk and when v stand up on our own feet, u should be there to watch us walking proud raising our head up high….. U insult us.. this proves u hate Indian…. THank u for that feed bck… Our tradition taught us to respect others… So Thank u sir.. for encouraging us to b a better Indians….. 🙂

    • Shriram

      You know what just shut your mouth, this is a blog intended purely for Indians, we as Indians understand our problems better than others.

      Also Indian Doctors are the ones abroad and most of these guys are not necessarily American brought up in America.

      Also Just compare the knowledge of an American Teenager and an Indian who goes to school. You will see the difference.

      Besides this is us trying to take the Initiative mind your own business.

    • Sushant harar

      And dude. Look at u. Have u ever been to school? U Dont know how to respect others and u r talking about our society, judging our hardwork… Looks like some indian better than u of course, stole ur job…Courageous, must say.

      • peterparker

        Hardwork? Even donkey work very hard, but what’s the use?

        Indians must come out of this myth of working hard, staying late in nights, sacrificing personal lives. Tired minds cannot do any work.

        Indian concept of education is just to know the content, at broad level, not the concepts. Thinking about something, figuring out how that equation has been solved etc. It is only about cracking exam, bringing marks, that’s it.

        It is mind which must be trained, and an excellent teacher can only do this. In western countries, teachers are heavily paid. They maintain standards.

    • Ajay Kumar Jha

      Hope u could have shown your class of education by choosing a language more civil and polite to express your anguish on India and Indians. Your civility of language would help you in a much better way in foreign land.
      It will make us proud. That is what we can always do on our fellow Indians when they achieve something in foreign countries after graduating from our educational institutions, the base which gives them knowledge of understanding newer frontiers of Knowledge. Bes wishes to u…….dear….!!!!

    • indian don

      btw, you also look completely flop and uneducated from your DP….lol

  • khoj4gyan

    Education in India is like a Catch-22 situation Because the piece of paper they will give has no value,but at the same time it is absolutely necessary to have it !
    I am a lower middle class parent grappling with the problem of how to send ones child for graduation — with limited options and finances such that both the child and the parent can survive this ordeal — financially,mentally and physically
    Self Employment seems to be the best bet, but is not an option with our family.
    Seems like something DRASTIC — like mass boycott of the system will force the system to change . Already in the schooling domain people in India are embracing “homeschooling” no doubt their numbers are minuscule , hope the movement catches fire and spreads.
    I myself walked the middle path sending the child to a not so expensive pvt school but taking care of all educational needs at home & in 9Th and 10Th by way of tuitions

    • juni

      India education system has now become business. Look how many universities, private institutes are just coming up. To add to it the coaching centers are booming like it is not education but a pure business. Recently I had the chance to meet a Japanese who is a business manager in an american company with a simple btech degree from one of of the 2nd grade american university. Believe me I told him about indian IITs and he directly told me they do not do good research except teaching. I felt bad about it but then I realised he was right, even Indias so called elite IITs produce very little of scientific importance. Students who got trained in IITs simply go abroad or change their field to more lucrative jobs in IT sector leaving everything what they have learned as their core subject in Btech.

      Like the author of this website , I got my primary education in India followed by working in europe japan n US. Now coming home to start something fresh in India. Hope to make some students realise that its not about how much percentage you got , it is about what you can do given an assignment. Lets hope for the best

      • peterparker

        I don’t find anything wrong with that. Infact, even I am planning to move out now. I am not from IIT,but yes, do have an Engineering degree from an Elite university.

        The problem is that the Indian Business houses treats talented Engineers as a worker.

        And now, in India, all the jobs are being owned by the body shoppers. So either work hard to get job with microsoft/google/amazon or join a body shopper run by a corrupt gulte and suffer for the rest of your lives, because, these body shppers takes heavy toll on personal life and one has to go through mental harassment.

      • peterparker

        My myth about IIT/BITS/NIT got shattered last year, I have worked with them. They too are nothing special, now exceptions will always be exceptions.

        Also, by studying from IIT and opening an apps development shop is not talent, that anyone can do, IITians do it early, so the hype.

        It were the coaching institutes who created the hype around IIT.

        Also, ask about the job scenario of the core engineering sector in IIT, you will get a very surprising answer.

  • is. Why someone think that Indians can not offer any quality in education but the effect is different on different peoples.

  • In India there are lack of the professional education and it becomes very necessary for everyone to make the career at the high stage and get the satisfaction.

    • peterparker

      But Engineering is not a professional course, it is an expert level education and those who have aptitude for it must join.

  • peterparker

    Great post. You have hit the nail.

    The problem with india in general is of demand and supply. In india, everyone wants to study engineering but good or decent engineering colleges are in shortages. That’s the biggest problem that why indian engineers do not get trained properly. I had cleared IIIT-Bangalore entrance, but could not join. But after that, i have been doing pretty much low lever kind of work, which indian software houses gives you to do so.

    So government of india must step in to make sure that talented people’s talent are being utilized to develop the india as a strong state. Infact, VED have given clear role for ENGINEERS, to BUILD NATIONS. Unfortunately, in current times, people think that VED etc are some sort of SUPERSTITIONS beliefs etc, where as it people will become VEDIC, india will be a developed nation once again and ENGINEERS are the one who bring modernity to the nation itself.

  • Yes, Indian educational institutions have global standard education, one of the best schools called vibgyorhigh have their branches across India. The syllabus is based on international standard. It offers ICSE ,CBSE, A-level and IGCSE curriculum.

  • I wonder how i missed this blog. Well, as soon as i return to India, i will write my opinion, infact my observation as a teacher, as a researcher and of course as an unionist.
    Congrats to Ashish and others in the discussion, as you spare time for tricky socio-political issues


  • See the following blog which contains my views on how to correct Engg teachers to produce good quality engineers

    Do note that so called iIT’s are facing acute shortage of teaching faculty

    • Ashwani

      The quality in education is just an Elephant in a room. Even IITs do not hire good people. They go for contractual faculty. Who lack motivation and inspiration. all the private colleges in india are shops, faculty poor, nil knowledge with fake degrees. Very surprised today that all the MBA holders get minimum 75% to 85% without going to the college and attending any class.They pose serious threat to the hardworking students.
      A man without any academic knowledge may become a Vice chancellor or ProVc in a private university but can not become a good faculty. Faculty members are available at meager salaries of 8000 to 15000. how they produce good students. The colleges are giving 50% fee waiver to attract any ineligible students, just to earn money. No infrastructure, no building, no faculty .Just give money and get degree.

      • peterparker

        In case of IIT, they will increase the fees and will maintain the quality, so that way, their standards will never go down. What about NON IIT engineering graduats, barring BITS,REC,IIIT, etc? India has a huge population and providing employment to such a huge population is a challenging tasks. On Engineering, I will again repeat, it is not a diploma syllabus but rather a subject on which entire thesis has to be written. In present times, the Engineers who are being passed out of such tier-2,3 universities are technicians. In the past, we had ITI and polytechnic institues who were producing auto mechanic, electricians, plumbers etc to take care of the systems, in the present times, these IT graduates are technicians in the software industry, who are dressed as software engineers.

      • shaan

        It’s very true. Actually the main role is of employers n the heads . employers exploit the needy person . The heads does not want that the faculty should progress. They doesn’t send a proper n correct report of their faculty. I m a hard working person in a teaching profession. But I had experienced that all good qualities r not presented properly in fronts of management. Otherwise faculties r having good qualification n experience but they r no provided resources.

  • The challenge with india on the whole is regarding demand and gives. In of india, everyone wishes to study engineering but good or respectable engineering colleges come in shortages. That’s the most important problem that will why native american engineers do not get trained correctly. I experienced cleared IIIT-Bangalore entrance, but could hardly join. But from then on, i are actually doing pretty much low lever kind of work, which native american software houses offers you to take action.

  • unni

    Education and Health continue to be neglected right from independence. We have countless government and private Schools, colleges and Universities. Yet we are far behind in delivering quality education. Do you know why?

    • peterparker

      People are to be blamed. Look at the minset of middle class, they view going to gym or doing excercise a burden. I think middle class people really don’t like to get ahead and are happy in mediocrity. Then they must not cry that government is taxing them, they themselves are responsible for this.

  • Very we’ll said. 😐

  • Mita Bajaj

    Yes, There is too much theoretical part in education in India. Education system should include practical part as well. Its true that people in India take teaching as their profession because there is no other option. That is why there is lack of quality teachers in India. Most colleges are present only to earn money. This scenario should change in future.

  • Gohil Keval

    Out education system can not create a good scientist or mathematician. Because we just give our Primary need to MONEY instead of knowledge. Let me say, there are a semester systems in all courses. In the class as some intelligent students grasp early, and get maximum marks. but other hand, some students also there who are intelligent but they doesn’t have a same grasping power like other. And low grasping power student also have a fear about the rejection in interview. So they don’t try to understand what is concept of, they just try to accept that as that is.

    We should prepare the students from their primary standard. And parents have to know which in which field there children interested.

    • peterparker

      Education is not just science and mathematics, merely solving questions from books is not education, it is much more than that. In the past, we had chanakya, who wrote a treatise ARTHASHASHTRA, a timeless beauty,that’s education.

  • Fahad ansari

    Dears, the blog and the debate are really appreciable and of great importance. Indian education is a certificate offering course, knowledge and skills are negligible. But i have just got admission in in a private college and belongs to an economically weak lower middle class family and i will my money. Sit down before a pc or smart phone and debating on the topic is not a solution we should unite and take action it. I will try my best but alone i just got kicked out but i’ll try.

    • peterparker

      Tumblr is created by a 19 years old kid. In our country, 19 year old kids are made to slog in books and tuition.

  • peterparker

    In India, the trend is to get a job and settle down, own a house, a mediocre car.

    If you happen to be a middle class person, who actually belong to an extraordinary league, and talk loud and clear, people will say bolta bahut hai

    you try to establish something, which is related with hardcore ENGINEERING, people will say ‘KYA KARNE KE LIYE, NAUKAR-I karo’

    Not to forget the emphasis placed on entrances, I don’t think so that if one clears an Entrnace exam, the aptitude and the interests can be found. It is good that people are able to crack them,but it just gets over there.

    Unfortunately, people still have the same old mindset of being a clerk and servant.

  • Akil Pathan

    I totally agree with you .

    I am a B.E. student in a not so known engineering college in india .
    when i took an admission in the college i had some assumptions about engineering. that engineers get practical knowledge about the letest & most used things about technologies in their course .
    that by defination of any education process is nothing but know-practice- apply-analyse-repeat.
    but that was the biggest mistake of my life because all i did for two years is write assignments about many usless and impracticle things withe absolutely zero practicle value.
    practicles in the college was also a joke because there was no communication between practicle teachers and theory teachers so most of the time when i am in practicle lab i have absolutely no idea what to do . & those practicles are mostly performed on kits and not on real things.

    i did it for two years and then i took a gap for 2 years .
    and in these two years i learned more about many things than i ever learned in my entire life.
    actual practicle stuff.
    now i am siriously thinking about quitting engg. and starting my own business.
    anyways, just read ur post , i felt each & every word of it
    best of luck in whatever you are doing

    p.s. my batchmates who now are passouts . not single 1 of them got job

  • Thanks your post .. its verry helpfulli aratical . i am interset your corse.Unfortunately, people still have the same old mindset of being a clerk and servant.

  • M.siva

    Hi , I’m not a university graduate like u guys I’m just a secondary skl student basically I’m Indian but I was in Singapore for 10years with some breaks and now I have shifted to India due to sm reasons and I say the Indian education system is total s@!t it’s full of memorizing. It robs the thinking capability of a student it’s just like scan copy print .knowledge dosent matter here guys with no practical knowledge nor know what there actually studying about get high marks but those who are really intelligent get low marks unlike other education systems where marks are actually a true indicator of how intelligent u are and it’s full of memorizing which I hate the most

    • peterparker

      Even those who get high marks on the basis of knowledge suffer here. I am an example, till 10th, I was an average guy because I never had interest in subjects such as hindi etc, but was always good with mathematics and science. In 12th, I topped my school, all in pure science and english subjects. Yet I am struggling here. I believe that in India, one who has genuine passion to learn subjects, wants to gain knowledge have to struggle a lot. If you are a good worker, you will excel. Indian society values donkeys high, not horses

      • you are right.govt. jobs other than UPSC examination are based on recommendations.govt. system of governance make horses as ten upsc qualified engineers join can observe what is the outcome.we are looking for leaders.leaders elected on caste based,religion based,then how you get development.merit is not recognized.our engineers who go to USA after getting higher education in that country contributes to their economy.the whole rot is with the political system and finally the general is only first time that people have voted for growth.let us all watch.public shall discard who want votes in the name of caste ,language and religion.

  • I hate to say that the scene in a typical indian classroom is very pathetic…there is a need to remove the deficiencies in teaching …..Teacher simply comes and delivers the lecture, only 5 or 6 students are able to follow what is being taught, others are just copying from the blackboard ,too shy to ask questions. Following classroom teaching reforms are badly needed :

    1.In India, teacher does not give a damn about thoughtful planning of the lecture, he considers it as a burden. As a guess, a typical teacher in India just spends half an hr to prepare lecture, then comes shamelessly into the class to teach. He never tells what he will teach in next class, so that the students can learn some background abt the topic,come better prepared and are able to understand the complex material being presented in the class. I believe he is afraid that student will outsmart him.

    For effective learning it is imperative, that students are asigned to go through the topic beforhand that will be covered next time in class. Although it is difficult to enforce in practice, but this is what is followed in foreign universities. It makes students active engaged learners.

    2. There ar no handouts disributed by the instructor. Handouts contain highlights of key points covered in class and expedite the learning process.

    3. This is the era of mass education, sir, . Students are more likely to learn by reading ” Teach Yourself ” kind of books , rather than through their professors and fellow classmates. For eg., in a “simulation ” class, the teacher should readily inform the students about the ” Excel 2007″, “MATLAB and Scilab”, ” RSM simplified ” kind of books, rather than expecting students to come to him for asking ” goal seek command” etc… hehehe. There is no need to make student dependent on someone, you should empower him.

  • peterparker

    On education becoming a business, I have seen it happening. My own daughter’s prep school Till last year, everything was fine, she used to do her homework willingly,now even if i request her to do the same, she revolts and cries. What could be the reason? The founders are interested in minting money now and brining teachers via process. Earlier, a child counsellor used to teach/take their classes. Until and unless teachers don’t connect with students, students cannot be educated. Yes, my daughter is literate, but not gaining education. Good thing is that she has high skills in painting, and I am encouraging that trait and quality of hers, it is not always science and maths, other things matter too.

  • shambhavi pathak

    Aasish you are not totally right. I agree that standard of collage level education is not so good but standard of school level education is very good in india.

  • lalat keshari

    Hey!! Congrats to blogger here I got a healthy discussion on indian Education system.Here i am not going to raise any questions or comments but wants to share my experience on Indian education system. coz i know it is flawed. and I am also a part of it. Now am pursuing my btech (1st year) degree from a state govt so called one of the best clg of state.

    Before taking the admission I had the notion about engg that here we will get a chance to explore the knowledge through practical things. rather discussing on syllabus only; there will be discussuon of ideas; infrastructure will be there so we will get a better view of research basis things.
    but what I found totally nothing. jst lyk before cramming the informations to put it on the exam paper. Teacher only tries to complete the syllabus. In labs we only get the procedures to be followed not by analysing rather memorising.
    so now I want to quit engg. Bt thing is what next? or how to change the whole thing?

    So plz discuss about the answers to how to tackle those things? so that the discussion will carry some sense, rather discussing on Questions!!!!

  • ancy thomas

    Those who all complain about India.. Let me clear one thing…. V r growing Indians.. And I agree that v r weak in our education.. But v r not lazy.. V r hard wrokers and that the reason most of the countries apart from India have Indians… And as v people don’t open our mouth doesn’t mean v r weak….
    V r developing Indians and respect each people who comes in our Country.. that’s our tradition… And v expect the same from other people from various countries…

    • peterparker

      I am sick of this word “developing”. In reality, it is underdevelopment. Shopping malls, GDP, rich growing rich, corporates making decision via proxy rulers called politicians, this is not development, but a symbol of failed democracy. Why do you think, people like Lord Parashurama, Chanakya, and even nordic god Odin kept on fighting, sacrificing everything?

  • Engineering is an art to be practiced based on scientific established principles.universities are teaching basic order to be perfect engineer you should work in an industry.students study a lot in engineering college but are not sure which field they will get study shall be job related.who has to create the jobs.either rich person or government.we are still importing lot of defense equipment,creating employment for others.we are a lazy and greedy nation.import Chinese goods,name them and sell in the market to become rich.govt.shall encourage private entrepreneur and curb incentives shall be given to local is alleged that private universities doled lot of money to people in power,which has lead to poor quality of education.those who did not subscribe to this practice were debarred from educational field.all professional technical institutes degrees were recognized.let us follow the American or British practice in field of education.also study the German and french system of studies.salary and perks of teaching staff shall be similar to American the end i will say the mess has been made by people in power i.e. the decision makers.corruption is the root cause of all evils.only merit shall be recognized.stop quota system with relaxed norms.teaching staff are passing their routine time.there is practically no useful research.all iit are like white elephants. iit students want plum jobs.they want to become administrators or mamagers,where as engineers job is on the shop floors is why shri Modi,our prime minister wants India make.

  • Indian educational system is now globally recognized. The hierarchical boards of education offer the world-best competition. The modern technology, competitive syllabus, state-of-the-art learning patterns and ever pacing bounds along with rest of the world has truly ensured better education in India. Growth is yet to be made widely ensured too!

  • Usha

    Most of the things that we learn in schools and colleges are of no use at all. Students cannot realize their full potentials. They have to suffer at each and every level to succeed their goals because they are taught that they are fools and incapable to do anything. Teachers and well wishers only know how to judge and taunt students but not guide them. Our education system is creating a fractured society…. We have a large youth population today which is not utilized in the right manner. I am one of the many victims of bad education system in our country. I feel that I have wasted 20 years of my life in closed classrooms. My best decision in life is quitting MBA and feel proud to be called an MBA dropout.

    • Usha,

      Quitting MBA or regular courses are never a good decision. Sooner or later you realize that education has its own significance and importance. What needs to be done today is that along with regular courses, self study for specialization in some field should be done o our own.

    • peterparker

      It is hardly a case to surprise, that education during british era was much better, and British India produced outstanding engineers, scientists, mathematicians, writers.

  • good article well written .its true.

  • Ambuj Bhatnagar

    I completed my B.Tech. in CS (in 2014), two years have passed but i am not getting a descent job. I only get calls from BPOs (i rather prefer them calling “CALLCENTERS”). Someone told me to go to delhi/ncr and search for a job. I stayed there for 1 year and believe me guys there is 90% BPO sector in Delhi. The companies which offer technical jobs give so less salary that a general person can’t survive there without using his/her personal money. Moreover, max people work there like dogs, having no life. There is no fixed time to leave and come back home. People just work in BPOs so that they can get a girlfriend or rather just to buy some bike or car(with the help of EMI…. lolzz…), this is the main reason why the no. of vehicles has increased so much in delhi and other regions. Now, I have started my own grocery store and I am getting a monthly profit of around 40K (monthly income after 4+ year of exp. and having ASS beaten upto SHiT). So, i have decided to expand my business rather than roaming in different places and getting nothing. Government of India should take strict actions against poor education and unemployment in india. As, u can imagine engineers pulling rickshaws 8 years from now.


      • peterparker

        We are producing technicians. Those Indian Engineering colleges are nothing more than diploma or polytechnic institutes. Real engineering involves lot of concepts of science, maths.

        Work distribution has always been an issue in India. And adding to the woes is the quantity of people which we have. And this is the reason for huge competition. Even at work force, people are desperate to climb the ladder immediately and that’s why they work for more than 20 hours. But a mind which is so tired cannot churn innovation.

  • यह सबसे गंभीर है। भारतीय शिक्षा प्रणाली ब्रिटिश शासकों द्वारा डिजाइन क्लर्कों मदद करने के लिए कुछ हजार ब्रिटिश प्रशासकों 40 लाख लोगों की आबादी वाले देश को चलाने बनाने के लिए किया गया था। यह सोचा बढ़ावा देने और जिज्ञासा का एक संस्कृति को प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए तैयार नहीं था। ज्यादातर भारतीय स्कूलों में एक परिणाम के रूप में, कम से कम पब्लिक स्कूल प्रणाली में, बच्चों को वास्तव में ज्ञान और कौशल को उनकी उम्र के अनुरूप प्राप्त नहीं है। वहाँ कारण है कि यह करने के लिए योगदान कर रहे हैं

    अध्यापन उबाऊ है और रटने से सीखने जा रहा है पर इतना निर्भर करता है।
    मूल्यांकन, यदि वे होती हैं, बाहर उल्टी करने के लिए क्या (s) वह दिल से सीखा है में सक्षम होने के एक बच्चे पर ध्यान केंद्रित कर रहे हैं। इतिहास के अध्ययन में पढ़ रहे हैं कविताओं के लिए तारीखों और भाषा के अध्ययन के लिए कम है। केवल एक चीज मैं स्कूल में गांधी के बारे में सीखा उसकी जन्म तिथि, पुण्यतिथि, दिनांक (वर्ष) जब वह प्रमुख आंदोलन शुरू किया गया। समझने के लिए क्या उनके दर्शन था, मैं जब तक मैं कॉलेज में था इंतजार करना पड़ा: वह यह है कि जब मैं कुछ अच्छी किताबें पहुँच सकता है।
    बच्चों को खराब शिक्षित परिवारों से आने के अधिकांश सीखने की सहायता करने के लिए घर का वातावरण नहीं है। वहाँ कोई किताबें हैं। कोई पैसा अतिरिक्त कोचिंग के लिए भुगतान करते हैं, भले ही एक बच्चे को एक धीमी गति से सीखने है और कहा कि समर्थन की जरूरत है। माता-पिता को बच्चे के लिए कुछ भी सीख रहा है कि क्या मूल्यांकन करने में सक्षम नहीं हैं।
    पाठ्यक्रम कोई कौशल या दृष्टिकोण के साथ बच्चे को छोड़ने के लिए काम कर रहे एक जीवन का निर्माण करने में सक्षम होना करने के लिए बनाया गया है। यह केवल स्कूली शिक्षा के स्तर पर नहीं है। एक स्नातक की डिग्री के साथ किसी के बारे में सोचो, कितनी बार इस व्यक्ति को लाभ उठाने के लिए क्या (s) वह एक कैरियर में सीखा है का प्रबंधन करता है? यहां तक ​​कि ताजा इंजीनियरों को उनके नियोक्ताओं द्वारा retrained जा करने के लिए उन्हें ‘उपयोगी’ बनाने की जरूरत है।
    यह एक भयावह तस्वीर है। कुछ भारतीयों में अच्छी तरह से हो रहा है कि और इसकी वजह से नहीं प्रणाली के बावजूद है।

    वहाँ आशा हालांकि है।

    हम समझते हैं कि शिक्षा प्रणाली वितरित नहीं है शुरू कर दिया है। इस एक और जांच (भारत में बेसिक शिक्षा पर सरकारी रिपोर्ट) की तरह रिपोर्ट में सामने मामलों ला रहे हैं।
    शिक्षकों के शिक्षण सीखने के नए तरीकों के साथ प्रयोग कर रहे हैं।
    कुछ दिन कुछ उठ जाएगा करने की शक्ति के साथ कुछ नहीं।
    सामाजिक अशांति के लिए एक भव्य नुस्खा – जब तक नीति निर्माताओं और भारतीयों को शिक्षा के बारे में गंभीर हैं, तो या तो हम अशिक्षित या ‘शिक्षित’ अभी तक बेरोजगार युवाओं के दस लाख के साथ खत्म करने के लिए जा रहे हैं।

    पी एस। धन्यवाद यू देर फॉर थिस

  • Out of many engineering colleges in India apart from IITs and NITs, there are very few engineering institutes, universities and colleges who offers quality education. Education is not limited to academics only, “education” itself is a journey. Actually, institutes, universities and colleges should focus on skills oriented learning education system.

  • Mohd. Saim

    I am a btech student from AKTU and fed up from this course after 4 years as the whole curriculum is outdated,nonesense and 0%practical.
    I think this is the worst thing I have done in my life.

    But there should be a way out of this and somehow it needs to be changed at major scale.
    If there can be surgical strikes,demonization for better tommorow then why not same in education field.

    Or maybe the initiative should be taken by the society or engineers themselves.

  • This is very good information to all of us. And the education level will increase with this approach.

  • of course Indian education is of quality. Have a look at the IIT, NIT, BIT, and other colleges and the companies who visit their campus recruitment.
    thanks alot for arranging this information.

    • Thanks Karan, Ofcourse there are colleges whih provides quality but they can be counted on fingers.

  • The basic school education system needs total reform and for that, teachers and school management need to take the necessary steps in order to create a better future. We have seen many students from English medium background feel uncomfortable during English conversation.One reason for the problem is failure of the school education system in implementing things perfectly.

    To encounter this problem schools need to accept English as a medium of conversation.

    Thank you for pointing this issue out.