June 2, 2017

Should I Call Or Email?

Who doesn’t want new customers? Everyone does, right? One of the most convenient way to reach prospective clients is either through cold call or through Email.  Both methods are equally advantageous. The method of outreach sales executives use for their first contact makes a significant difference in their response rates.  Most people prefer to email a prospect rather than calling, because email is often considered more comfortable and can help you with your fear of being rejected. The same happened to Ajoft sales team, which when given a task for software marketing they started mailing their prospects without proper planning. Before […]
February 26, 2017

3 Sales Tips Every Sales Person Must Learn

3 sales professionals applied to work for a huge company. As they were all evenly qualified, the interviewer decided to set a sales challenge and the person who sold the most would be awarded the job. The challenge was to sell combs to monks of any temple up in the mountains. “You have 3 days, and the person who sells the most will get the job” said the interviewer. After 3 days, the 3 applicants returned, and reported their results. Candidate 1 said “I managed to sell one comb. The monks scolded me, saying I was openly mocking them. Disappointed, I […]