Thursday , 22 February 2018
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Importance of Education

Value of education

Whats is the importance of  Education for your life and for society? Education is not  about collecting degrees. Education creates a better civilization. Education is what separates  humans from animals. Education makes us confident, make us independent. Education spreads awareness in society about how we can be a good social being and removes blanket of ignorance and helps people in …

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How deals website changed retail shopping experiences

Shopping has always  been one of  most important activity in one’s life. And when we talk about shopping, discounts are the buzz word.  Whether we shop online or offline, negotiations and  discounts are one of the most important factor which influences the buying behavior of netizens and citizens. If we imagine about late 20’s, Buying experience were quite boring and …

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Experience with Apple’s Iphone 4 India Customer Support

I am sharing my 1 year experience with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 Indian customer support in this post and this is my personal experience. I have been using iPhone for last one year and the phone seemed to work great. The iPhone build is excellent and functions are pretty easy to operate. However, i often faced problems with network …

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Web is what you make it

Internet and the web has changed the entire world. Initially we were more connected to the nature, we asked our friends circle for recommendations before doing anything. Words of mouth was the strongest medium but now web is the strongest medium.Internet is the world’s richest and biggest library, you can find everything.  Yes, you can find virtually everything. Web  is …

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Scope of SEO in India

  SEO, SEO, SEO,  and SEO. Everyone is talking about SEO. Who is SEO by the way? SEO is the force behind a company’s online success. Internet marketing is now a billion dollar industry and everyone is slowly but surely accepting this. Even top companies in India and the world are now keeping huge budgets for internet marketing. There is …

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Power Behind Big Web Companies

Internet is a great medium which has enabled whole world to come closer. Virtually everything is possible on internet from information to pleasure. Internet can give you the success you never thought of or never imagined. Many people think that success on internet is very easy and very cheap. If you are one of them, i advise you to come …

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Finally Updated the blog

At last, i managed to update my blog. My Blog needed an urgent update so i finally spend few hours of my time to update the blog. It took almost 12 hours to update the blogs and plugins to make it work. I see many bloggers and copywriters who are doing a great work by sharing their day to day …

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