Web is what you make it

Web is what you make it

by Ashish Jha September 17, 2011

Internet and the web has changed the entire world. Initially we were more connected to the nature, we asked our friends circle for recommendations before doing anything. Words of mouth was the strongest medium but now web is the strongest medium.Internet is the world’s richest and biggest library, you can find everything.  Yes, you can find virtually everything.

Web  is what you make it.  You can make it your guide (wikipedia is one of such guide), You can make it your friend and socialize (facebook is one such site), You can use it to imporve your health (webmd is one such site), You can use it to entertain yourself (Youtube is one such site) or  You can use it to earn for yourself ( these are some examples ) ,  You can even  use it to download pirated softwares and illegal downloads of movies (torrentz is one such site), you can even use it to download free ebooks (free ebooks Net is one such example). What i mean to say that anybody can use the web in anyway for his/her wishes.

Web has become so famous these day and it would continue to grow at the same pace. But the main question is why and how web has become so powerful. if we investigate a bit further into human psychology we will find that humans themselves are lazy and they always find a way to fulfill their DESIRES FOR BEING LAZY.  Web has provided just what humans wanted, to do everything just with  few clicks. This is how it grew.

A simple saying is quite powerful : “Give them what they need, and you will be the owner”.  Thats all for now  🙂

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  • Your last quote is really very interesting

    A simple saying is quite powerful : “Give them what they need, and you will be the owner”.

    I agree with you that the web has made life much easier but with that we have become more lazy as well

  • @Icah Banjarmasi : I use Backup Maker and I like it. Pretty simple to use and does its job. Cheers, Antoine