Importance of Education

Importance of Education

Whats is the importance of  Education for your life and for society? Education is not  about collecting degrees. Education creates a better civilization. Education is what separates  humans from animals. Education makes us confident, make us independent. Education spreads awareness in society about how we can be a good social being and removes blanket of ignorance and helps people in knowing them their fundamental rights . Education helps in imparting moral values which is missing in our youth and needs to be addressed carefully for creating a good society.

Nelson Mandela knew the importance of education and thus in his own words,

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

If education is so important, why is education on back-foot in so many countries. Stats shows that education is only tool which can take a country on the path of progress, any country which focuses on education has progressed and all uneducated country is struggling.  Be it India or Pakistan.. lack of education is hurting not even individually but also on country levels.  In India, I have seen that the Indian government intentionally wants education system to be on back foot. A very low percentage of annual budget is allocated for improving education system and even if  budget is allocated it is never ensured that it gets implemented nicely. I always wondered why? May be George Washington Carver had an answer, he said :

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

And obviously Indian government does not want the citizens to unlock the doors of freedom.

Even though education is provided in India, i feel there is huge lack of quality and specialized education. In construction of mechanical industry we see that number of workers are employed but nobody has ever been provided health and safety training , where as if we talk about the same thing in UK, there are many institution like Sheilds which provides health and safety training and its astonishing to know that huge number of workers and companies takes their services. Where as in India, nobody is bothered about health and safety trainings.

Its most important that quality of education in India is improved for making a better and independent society. That also helps in removing the unemployment from the country. Although there are many training institutes like ITI which provides vocational trainings for mechanics and low educated skilled workers which can open shops mobile/laptop repairs, there was always a need for quality institutes who can help in reducing unemployment of tech and MBA graduates. Outshine Labs is one such institute that has been started the initiative to provide quality education and training in India free of cost.

We accept that quality of education in India is poor but even if the education quality is better in countries like Australia, USA, UK , there is a general tendency in their students that they want to get their assignments done through some third party by paying a very nominal charge to them. Services like Pay4paper, help them in completing their assignments and paper work  without the need of any actual hard work.

Whats the solution of all this? The solution lies in self discipline. Its the duty of government to implement the steps nicely for the improvement of education in country and its the duty of students to work seriously for the education and teachings they have been provided. They will have to be honest to themselves as far as education and moral values are concerned.